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Dental Implants Hungary is an affordable solution for you. Our prices are much more cheaper, but our services and materials have the same quality as in the UK & USA.

Moreover, you can find cheap flights (80-100 pounds) from many British cities now and you are in Budapest within two hours.

We got great news for our American patients too. From this year more and more airways companies have cheaper prices ( 300-500 USD) to travel to Europe.


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Dental Implant  price   for you  in Hungary:  £420 / 460€ / $520


We  also accept  BITCOIN (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH)   or  Dentacoin (DCN)  as a payment method!

These come with a lifetime warranty for the product.

You can buy from one of the BEST IMPLANTs of the world on an a fantastic and reasonable price until 31th December 2016.

Do you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to Contact Us  and we will answer them all with pleasure.

Your family and friends will be totally satisfied from your new smile.


 What kind of Dental Implants System We Use ?


We use Alpha Bio Dental Implant System by Nobel Biocare ( a world leader in innovative restorative and aesthetic dental solution ) for your healthy teeth and  your brilliant smile.


After more than 5 years of intensive research Alpha-Bio Tec has developed a superior NanoTecTM surface for its implants. Alpha-Bio Tec’s NanoTecTM implant surface is a sandblast large particles acid etched surface. The NanoTecTMimplant surface enables the absorption of blood directly into its micropores immediately after the implant placement.TheNanoTecTM implant surface promotes healing and growth of tissues adjacent to the implant surface, thus accelerating and improving the osseointegration process.

Alpha Bio Tec’s NanoTecTM implant surface is treated with sand blasting to create a macro surface of 20-40 micron. Afterwards it undergoes a double thermal acid etching process to create micro pitting between 1 to 5 micron with nano-pitting. The implant surface then undergoes a treatment to build a titanium oxide layer.

Retrospective clinical data shows that Alpha-Bio Tec’s implants achieve an overall clinical success rate of 98.3% and a 99.6% clinical success rate when using the immediate loading procedure.

NanoTecTM advantages
• Increased early bone to implant contact
• Increased stability
• Shortened healing period
• Higher predictability

The implant surface is key in achieving optimal Osseointegration. It is well documented that the surface characteristics of implanted materials can influence the healing and growth of tissues adjacent to the implant surface.

When is it worth it to choose Dental Implants in Hungary?

If you need more than one implant or complicated oral surgery, considering dental holiday and Teeth Implant Hungary might be right for you, as you save thousands.

For those patients who need more implants, we have special dental packages. You can save more, as we pay your accomodation and flight ticket.Click dental packages.

 If you don’t find the right for you, Contact Us. We will make Your Own Special Dental Package.


The Tooth Implant Hungary means the following in our surgery:

  1. A dental surgeon, high qualified in Dental Implantation (more than 2000 patients a year) gives you a high quality treatment and you save 60% at the same time. The materials and the equipments we use are level with those of the surgeries in your country.In order to see how much you can save, click Examples.
  2. We help you arrange your trip, book your accomodation, organize engagements. We wait for you at the airport. A warm welcome and experience from your arrival to your departure.For more details click Step by Step.
  3. There is one more important thing beside saving 60% of your dental treatment.

    You can feel safe completely during the treatment.

    Our company elaborated a survey that consists of a few questions to accomplish your treatment according to your own demands.

    On the basis of our patients’ and our own experiences we can treat you as an old and well-known patient, even for the first time.

    Click on Survey, fill in. fill in. By doing this, Dental Implant in Hungary becomes Your Own Tooth Implant in Hungary.

When isn’t it worth it to choose Tooth Implants Hungary?

  • If you need only one implant
  • If you are completely satisfied with the prices of dental implants in your country

Why can we be 60% cheaper than our colleagues in Western Europe and give you the same quality treatment using the same quality materials?

There are two reasons:

  1. The companies that produce the dental materials known world wide, adapted themselves to Hungarian market. They sell their products in a lower price than in in other countries, like the UK.
  2. Salaries in Hungary are much more lower than in Western Europe.

Click  Contact Us. Write us about your case. We help you arrange Your Dental Implants in Hungary.

Click on Dental Implants and you can find the complete description of dental implants and their operation and insertion and you can also read about who can get dental implants.